Monday, December 19, 2011

So...This came today!

It's a good thing! I needed a little ray of sunshine. We are covered by inversion here in the beautiful usually beautiful valley. The majestic mountains, sun, and blue sky are no where to be seen. The earth (and the sky) just look dirty and gross. I don't like dirt. Or, gross. We either need a fresh coat of snow or some rain to make it look clean and sparkly again! I like clean. And, sparkly. Love sparkly!

This fabric will be for Little Man's room when he gets bigger. Although, I don't think I'm going to wait until he's bigger to get going on it. I'm super excited! I've finished three little quilts just in the last three weeks, so I'm going to need a new project. I think this and my Farmer's Wife Quilt will be great companions during tax season. Hopefully, they will keep me from getting too lonely! 

Um, yeah. This banner fabric is to. die. for. I can't stop looking at it! You should see it in the yellow! Oh. my. gosh! I'd love to show you, but I can't quite bring myself to undoing the Moda ribbon just yet. I want to look at this little bundle just the way it came, for a while! 

Not sure if I'm going to use all the colors still. The red hasn't really grown on me yet, but it just might. Although, the grey, the green and the yellow are for sure. And, the navy, because I need a little tonal variation in there. Plus, the banner print comes in the blue, too!

It's hard to see, but there's a little floral print in there, which I won't be using for the little man. But, I just might make a little girl quilt out of them. The colors are a little unconventional, but I think it could work! Or, I'll just spend all that time doing it and not like it. It happens a lot!

Oh, that little banner fabric. I can't get enough! I have some fun plans for that print. A lot of my designing is centered around it! Speaking of designing...better get scribbling, so I can get stitching!

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