Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quilt for Baby Dodge

Cash had Baby Dodge's name this year for Christmas, so I decided we would make him a quilt! I was up until 12:30 Christmas Eve binding it. I still had two quilts to bind on Christmas Eve - the quilt for the Little Man and this quilt. I do that every time. I'm not sure when I'll learn.

Anyway, I saw this darling bike fabric and had to have it. So, I bought 4 yards (? - I can't remember exactly how much). Anyway, I decided I could spare a little for Dodge's quilt. It was hard, but I love him, so I did it! I was making a quilt for the Little Man out of the aqua and grays anyway, so I used the same fabrics in this quilt. I put Minkee on the back. And bound it in the polka dot. I love the way it turned out. I was sad to give it away, but there are more quilts around here than we know what to do with. 

I quilted the Bubble pattern into it. Every time I do a quilt for myself or a gift, I think I'm going to do some great custom quilting on it, but Christmas time is so busy with all my clients quilts, that I don't end up having time. But, I loved the Bubbles in this quilt. I think they were perfect with the back and the binding and especially that grey with big, white polka dots. Love that!

Here it is!

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