Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chevron Quilts for the Kids

This Christmas, I made chevron quilts for the kids. Santa brought them some couches for their playroom, so I thought I better make them quilts to snuggle with on their new tiny couches! The couches are darling and the kiddos love them! But, they especially love snuggling with their quilts. It makes me so happy to watch my kids enjoy the things I make them.

These quilts were easy to make. Just a bunch of half-square triangles! When I was working on them, I told Princess that I had to make 96 half-square triangles. She came downstairs one night and said, "Mom, are you still making half-square triangles?" I was shocked that she remembered what they are called.  

Here they are!

Little feet snuggled on their new couch with cozy quilts! The little feet on the right never. hold. still.

I did some straight line quilting on them and stitched in the ditches. It took a little more time than planned because of all the ruler work, but I love how soft they are because of the light quilting.

This is what happens anytime I get a quilt out. When I get a client's quilt out, I have to lock him downstairs or upstairs or put him in his crib. The other day, I got a quilt top out that I'm working on and he started dancing on it. Silly boy!

Pink for Princess.

Aqua for Little Man.

Minkee on the back so they are soft and cuddly!

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